SF’s housing crisis needs your help!

Photo Credit: Bill Ward https://www.flickr.com/photos/billward/146514338

Photo Credit: Bill Ward

Everyone’s talking about housing in San Francisco. It’s too expensive, there’s not enough, people are being priced out of their neighborhoods. Just about everyone who lives, works, studies, eats or plays in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area is probably being affected by San Francisco’s “Housing Crisis”.

Although it greatly interests me, I won’t dissect the complexity of issues, attitudes, policies and what-not which have supposedly gotten us into this dilemma. I would in no way do it justice, and besides, it’s already been done. The SF Housing Action Coalition (my now employer) has long been working on this issue – just read this recent blog and call to action. SPUR has been at it for even longer. The topic is also well covered by media and bloggers including CitiLab and Curbed SF, and is always a hot topic on Twitter.

And don’t worry, the city’s Planning Department is onto it too. They recently created this great video which gives a snapshot of the situation and where it’s heading.

“If we don’t plan for and produce housing along with job and population growth, the cost of housing will only increase”

What’s most interesting though is the famous (long) article by TechCrunch, which went viral when it was published earlier this year. Yeah that’s right, viral. That means a LOT of people care about this issue. But do they care about it enough to do anything about it? That’s a question I haven’t been able to answer.

With the Planning Department saying we need to “plan and produce housing”, developers, architects and investors will need to be part of the solution too. But all these organizations and groups can’t solve this problem on their own. Sounds to me like they’re going to need a whole lot of community support! Having just started a role as Community Organizer at the SF Housing Action Coalition, I’m starting on a mission to find these people.

Where art thou supporters of housing crisis solutions? In a shoebox in SF paying $4000 a month? Suppressing desires of home ownership? Moved to Oakland because it all got too much? I want to know who you are.

So I searched “Housing SF” on Twitter to see what people are saying. Here are some of the results:

“Can music & art survive ‘s affordable housing crisis?”

: Please tell us what you r doing to keep housing affordable? SF rents soar 8%”

“Most of the issue is building laws in SF that prevent high rises, driving up housing costs”

…and my favorite:

@eviloars “Turns out my daughter’s proposed solution to SF housing crisis is not very original” (with picture below)

Photo Credit: @eviloars Twitter

Photo Credit: Ariel Dovas @eviloars (Twitter)

Is that street level retail?! This girl must have done her research.

Housing Heroes, I know you’re out there. Let’s help solve this wicked problem.


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