Accidents waiting to happen on San Francisco’s streets

No pedestrian crossing

Photo credit: Gary Kavanagh

previous blog post about Vision Zero wrote that the policy aims to fix San Francisco’s known dangerous locations, informed by injury data. That got me wondering about San Francisco’s unknown dangerous locations. Will Vision Zero have the scope to identify troublesome locations before a serious accident occurs? Continue reading

Vision Zero’s a Hero!

It blew me away to learn how common pedestrian deaths and serious injures are in San Francisco. Here’s the very map that made me gasp and reach for my husband’s shoulder in shock.

Pedestrian deaths and high injury corridors - source: sfgov

Pedestrian-Vehicle injuries and high injury corridors – source: sfgov

“What kind of community have we moved into?!” I shrilled in disbelief as I pointed to the concentrated areas of red and skulls right in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

The San Francisco Department of Health report that around 100 people are killed or severely injured in traffic incidents in San Francisco every year. On top of that, at least 800 more people are injured. Judging from the map, it was no surprise to learn that 60% of deaths and severe injuries took place on only 6% of the city’s streets. San Francisco sure has it’s danger hot-spots.

And then the mighty Vision Zero Hero came to save the day! Continue reading